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vol. 30

Characteristics of somatic build and physical activity and evaluation of hand grip strength in patients with type 1 diabetes

Agata Kuźmicka
Stanisław Kuźmicki
Katarzyna Kaczmarczyk
Marek Kruszewski
Grażyna Brzuszkiewicz-Kuźmicka

Postępy Rehabilitacji (4), 5-16, 2016
Online publish date: 2020/01/23
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In order to avoid hypoglycaemia, individuals diagnosed with type 1 diabetes usually limit their physical activity, which might lead to changes in somatic build and in the level of muscle strength. The aim of the study was to define somatic build, hand grip strength and physical activity in patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Material and methods
The study included 24 patients with type 1 diabetes and 24 healthy individuals. Body build was assessed on the basis of 20 somatic features and indices. Somatic types were assessed using the Sheldon's method modified by Heath-Carter. Hand grip strength was measured with hand grip dynamometer, while physical activity was evaluated by means of a questionnaire survey.

The results obtained from female subjects showed insignificant intergroup differences concerning the measured features. Endomorphy was a predominant component among female somatotypes. Compared to the healthy controls, males with type 1 diabetes exhibited lower values of arm circumference (tensed), thigh circumference, ankle width and mesomorphy as well as hand grip strength (p<0.05). The diabetic patients preferred cycling while healthy people opted for combat sports.

Differences in somatic build, hand grip strength and physical activity between healthy individuals and patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes were greater in the case of men than women. Compared to healthy individuals, diabetic men exhibited lower values of somatic features that are typical of mesomorphy and muscle strength. Both women and men diagnosed with type 1 diabetes preferred low-intensity and aerobic physical activity.

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